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Cystocele (dropped bladder)

This is the most common type of prolapse and occurs when the wall separating the vagina and bladder weakens allowing the bladder to relax against the vaginal wall causing a bulge in the anterior or top wall of the bladder. This may lead to discomfort especially after standing for a long time or during physical activities such as hiking or golf. Cystoceles can also result in difficulty emptying the bladder and in some circumstances predispose a patient to urinary tract infection. This condition can be treated conservatively using a pessary device to hold the bladder in the correct position, however in patients who are not interested in the maintenance of such a device, surgical options are available and can be discussed in detail. These surgeries are almost always outpatient with the patient able to return to work soon after surgery with minimal discomfort or bleeding. Additionally, most patients do not require a urinary catheter following surgery.

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