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Robotic Sacro-Colpopexy

One of the most significant surgical advances in Urology and Gynecology in the past generation has been the development and perfection of robot-assisted laparoscopic surgery. By using advanced robotic technology to magnify and refine a surgeon’s motions, complex surgical procedures can now be done through incisions the size of keyholes. This has led to a clear benefit to patients, with decreased hospital stays and quicker recovery due to the decrease in morbidity caused by larger abdominal incisions. The predominant robotic system used throughout the United States is the da Vinci® Surgical System. The surgeons of El Camino Urology Medical Group have had extensive training and experience with this system and are able to offer robotic-assisted surgery to their patients.

Robotic surgery has made vaginal vault suspension a much less morbid procedure. Whereas previously a 10-15 cm incision would be required on the abdomen to provide enough visualization to perform surgery, we are now able to perform an identical procedure through 4 or 5 keyhole incisions on the abdomen.

A few modifications to this technique are employed to provide uterine-sparing surgery depending on the wishes of the patient and their medical history. Following robotic surgery, patients of all ages are able to go home within 23 hours of entering the hospital, usually without a urinary catheter, walking under their own power and eating regular food. It is not uncommon for a patient to return to the clinic at the 1-week mark for a post-operative check, looking as if they had not undergone surgery at all!